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Discover the new BOSS eyewear Master the Light campaign shot in Santiago de Chile, a location chosen for its unique interplay of light & architecture.

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Irreducible complexity and the evolution of the eye made easy. Presented by Essilor and narrated by science communicator Alom Shaha.


The Newest Eyewear

The Newest Eyewear: Dillon Optics introduces NIRx more >>


Mills Named CEO of The Vision Council
The Vision Council has announced that one of its own, Ashley Mills, will take the reins as CEO following the retirement of industry veteran Mike Daley.

HOYA Acquires Vision Ease Parent Company
HOYA Corporation has announced an agreement to acquire Performance Optics, LLC, including its Vision Ease subsidiary.

B+L Recalls PeroxiClear Solution
Bausch + Lomb is conducting a voluntary recall, proposed Class II, of its PeroxiClear 3% hydrogen peroxide cleaning & disinfecting solution. Read on for details...

Hilco Acquires Netherlands Companies
Hilco in continuing the strengthen is growth in the European market with two new acquisitions in the Netherlands and the creation of a new company there called Hilco Benelux.

J&J Enters Cataract Surgery Field
Johnson & Johnson, maker of Acuvue contact lenses, has acquired Abbott Medical Optics, maker of cataract and LASIK surgery products, for $4 billion.

Alain Gilles to Chair Silmo d'Or awards Jury
Belgian designer Alain Gilles is this year’s chair of the jury at the Silmo d’Or awards.

Featured Web Exclusive

OneSight Launches #UNBLUR Campaign
In honor of World Sight Day today, Oct. 13., OneSight aims to shed light on the vision care crisis by launching its #UNBLUR campaign, a digital movement constructed to unite the public in understanding the crisis and to help those lacking in vision care. Read on to get a link to a 360-degree video that shows OneSight’s work in action.

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Adlens – How Tomorrow Looks
What if there was a new eyewear solution? A better alternative to no line bifocals, with virtually the whole lens in focus? Welcome to a new way to see the world through AdlensRX Focuss glasses.

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Lenses, Lens Finishing, Sunwear, Sports Eyewear, Low Vision

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