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Discover the new BOSS eyewear Master the Light campaign shot in Santiago de Chile, a location chosen for its unique interplay of light & architecture.

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Prada Minimal Baroque from Luxottica updates an iconic style.


The Newest Eyewear

The Newest Eyewear: Fabienne Coudray-Meisel introduces new Volte Face styles from J.F. Rey more >>


Transitions Innovation Finalists Announced
Transitions Optical, Inc. has announced the finalists for its Transitions Innovation Awards program, which recognizes customers and companies for their efforts to support the Transitions brand.

Essilor Int'l Names Vacherot President
Essilor International has announced that Laurent Vacherot has been appointed president of the company as part of an executive re-alignment to meet expansion needs.

Snapchat Glasses Now Rx-able!
It’s the product that’s taking social media posting to a whole new level, and now—thanks for Rochester Optical—it’s available for spectacle lens wearers. Read on to find out how to get in on this.

Essilor Expands in China
Essilor has announced more partnerships in China that expand its presence there, and is setting its sights on further online growth in the U.S. in 2017. Read on for details…

Hilco Acquires Jonathan Paul Eyewear
Hilco Vision announces today the acquisition of Jonathan Paul Eyewear, a pioneer of the fitover category of sunwear and the Jonathan Paul Fitover brand.

IDOC Acquired by Investment Firm
IDOC, a 2,000-member-strong alliance of independent optometrists, has been acquired by a private investment firm. Read on for details....

Featured Web Exclusive

Lens Processing: Future Trends
What does the 2017-channeling crystal ball predict for the main optical product categories next year? Our December issue features a clearer picture of what the new year may hold for optical retail sales (frames, lenses, and contact lenses) to give you a stronghold on business planning for 2017.
Here, in a web-exclusive, we throw our crystal ball into the lens processing arena (both in-office and wholesale lab) and speak to experts about the future of that category. Read on….

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Adlens – How Tomorrow Looks
What if there was a new eyewear solution? A better alternative to no line bifocals, with virtually the whole lens in focus? Welcome to a new way to see the world through AdlensRX Focuss glasses.

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Lenses, Lens Finishing, Sunwear, Sports Eyewear, Low Vision
Lenses, Lens Finishing, Sunwear, Sports Eyewear, Low Vision
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Lenses, Lens Finishing, Sunwear, Sports Eyewear, Low Vision

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