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Have You Cracked the Code to Acquire and Retain Millennial Patients?

The perception is Millennials showroom your practice, will not look up from their phone to answer your questions, and end up shopping for cheap glasses on the Internet.

What do we really know?

  1. 57 million Millennials have the largest combined generational spending power
  2. 68% of Millennials suffer from symptoms associated with Digital Eye Strain
  3. Millennials are trending BACK to brick and mortar purchasing experiences

What can you do to capture Millennials in your market?

  1. Understand the strategic importance and tactical application of becoming a Digital Eye Strain expert
  2. Be an expert in Digital Eye Strain diagnosis and solutions
  3. Use tools that reach Millennials to chage the game for your practice

This webinar with Q&A, presented by Dr. Thomas Gosling, is the one place you can gather the facts, the scripting and the tools to implement this vital strategic initiative for your practice.

HOYA Vision Care would like to offer all participants of this webinar a complementary "Digital Patient Kit" with the collateral and tools used in the webinar!


Thomas Gosling, OD
Optical Matters, Denver, CO

Dr. Gosling graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 1992. After practicing 15 years within ophthalmology and LASIK clinics, Dr. Gosling finds his private practice the perfect environment to express the creativity optometry offers in a new digital world. Presently, Dr. Gosling acts as a technology consultant, inventor and entrepreneur. He was named one of the 2011 Optometric Business Innovators of the year.