2018 Web Exclusive Archive

  • Becoming a Champion for Vision in Your Town

    June 2018

    In our June issue, we talk to several ECPs who have become go-to resources for families in their communities for information on the importance on the importance of comprehensive eye care.
    Ready for more? Here, Ryan Powell, O.D., of Vision Source Eyecare in Kansas City, MO, adds to the discussion...

    May 2018
    Our May issue features an article that breaks down the lens needs of millennials, Gen X’ers, and baby boomers, and asks ECPs which lenses they typically prescribe for each group. Here, we take the conversation even further, with Heidi Pham-Murphy, O.D., of Visions Optometry in Sacramento, CA. Read on for her insights.

  • When Kids Are Ready for Contact Lenses

    May 2018
    In the Contact Lens column in our May issue, we talk to two optometrists about their opinions on fitting children with contact lenses, and their strategies for do so. They had a lot to share, so continue reading for bonus tips on when and how to introduce kids to contact lens where.
  • Costa Fishing Community Manager Joins Prestigious Angling Club

    April 2018

    Costa fishing community manager Amanda Sabin exemplifies the company’s “Born on the Water” mentality. 
    She recently became the 136th angler to join the International Game Fish Association’s Billfish Royal Slam Club (and the ninth to complete the challenge in a single calendar year).
    Here, Sabin shares with EB how her work with Costa is more than just an occupation—but a way of life. 

  • Got Contact Lens Patients? Help Them Recycle Through ONE by ONE

    April 2018
    In honor of Earth Day (April 22), Eyecare Business spotlights a very simple way that eyecare professionals and their patients can contribute to reducing waste. Bausch + Lomb created the ONE by ONE Recycling Program in partnership with Terracycle to recycle all those used blister packs, top foils, and contact lenses that are not included in standard recycling (they are too small and get filtered out of the recycling stream, ending up in landfills).
    Just a year and half after beginning, ONE by ONE has recycled more than 2.5 million contact lens items through its participating doctor locations and patients, saving nearly 14,000 pounds of waste.
    How does it work, and what can this free program do for your practice? Eyecare Business sat down with Gina Wesley, O.D., of Complete Eye Care of Medina, MN, to find out.
  • Blue Light Resources for You and Your Patients

    February 2018

    Our February issue features an article on the latest research on blue light’s effect on health and wellness. It also features some differing opinions from optical experts about just how harmful blue light is, and what we should be telling patients. To help navigate the issue, we’ve compiled some links to recent blue light studies and roundtables, AND some clickable links to places you can education, patient education videos and the like, and other resources.