2017 Web Exclusive Archive

  • Beyond Barriers—Living With Low Vision

    November 2017
    Our December issue profiled Gena Harper, a successful executive and athlete who has learned to live with her extreme low vision. Scratch that. She didn't learn to live with it...she learned the THRIVE. And break down every barrier that was placed in her way. Read more about Harper's life here, including her thoughts on how the optical community can be helping patients with low vision.
  • Workplace Lenses Solution Guide

    November 2017
    Our November issue includes a feature on the growing occupational or workplace PAL category. These lenses are a perfect second-pair sale for any presbyopic patient who works for hours at a time at a computer, as they have optimized near to mid-range zones that provide a comfortable, wide viewing area where they need it most.
  • 3D-Printed Lenses Begin in U.S. Lab

    September 2017

    September 6, 2017 -- Ophthalmic-quality 3D-printed lenses are about to become a reality, as the first lens printing equipment has been sent to a U.S. optical lab. Luxexcel, the Belgium-based tech company that has been developing the equipment and introducing the concept to the optical industry, has partnered with IFB Optical, a lab in Winston-Salem, NC, to produce the first commercial lenses. Read on for details....
  • Making an Impact

    January 2017
    Our January issue breaks down how Gary Nguyen, O.D., creates a one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly experience for his patients at Eye Impact in Houston. Here, in a web-exclusive, he shares insider tips on the latest eyecare trends, key services to offer, and the best-selling brands at Eye Impact. Read on...