2016 Web Exclusive Archive

  • Lens Processing: Future Trends

    December 2016
    What does the 2017-channeling crystal ball predict for the main optical product categories next year? Our December issue features a clearer picture of what the new year may hold for optical retail sales (frames, lenses, and contact lenses) to give you a stronghold on business planning for 2017.
    Here, in a web-exclusive, we throw our crystal ball into the lens processing arena (both in-office and wholesale lab) and speak to experts about the future of that category. Read on….
  • VSP Exec’s Trek with Blind Adventurer (Extra Content)

    December 2016
    In our December issue, we feature a Q&A with Jim McGrann, CEO of VSP Global, in which he discusses his time on the hiking trail with visually impaired adventurer Bill Barkeley. Here, we bring you even more of his story…..
  • Color Them Green

    November 2016
    Both Shane Palmer, co-owner of Green Eyewear Optical in Ontario, Canada, and Gary Nguyen, O.D, owner of Eye Impact in Houston, are firm believers in sustainability. And they definitely practice what they preach. Their efforts to have eco-friendly optical shops is the focus of this EB article.
    But there's even more to the story. Read on here to learn more about what they do, and why.
  • OneSight Launches #UNBLUR Campaign

    October 2016
    In honor of World Sight Day today, Oct. 13., OneSight aims to shed light on the vision care crisis by launching its #UNBLUR campaign, a digital movement constructed to unite the public in understanding the crisis and to help those lacking in vision care. Read on to get a link to a 360-degree video that shows OneSight’s work in action.
  • World Sight Day Challenge is ON!

    October 2016
    A coalition of optometric companies and organizations is working together to support this year's World Sight Day Challenge, which is running now through October. World Sight Day is October 13. But the World Sight Day Challenge isn't just for big corporations. It's for practices, optical shops, and anybody who wants to help raise the level of vision care in the world. Read on to see how...
  • Facing the Challenges of Online Refractions

    September 2016
    This month, EB provided an update on online refractions and both the controversy surrounding them and the lobbying efforts against them. Plus, we asked two optometrists to try out the online service to see how it fared (hint: not well).
    One of those optometrists, Christopher Wolfe, expanded on his experiences with Opternative and provided some strategies that practices can use to stay popular, relevant, and successful in the face of potential “disruptive” online technologies.
    Read on for his thoughts…..
  • Is Your City Eye-Healthy?

    August 2016
    It may be the “Biggest Little City in the World,” but Reno can now ALSO boast that it has the most eye-healthy residents in the country. Boise residents aren’t too shabby in that area, either. VSP has ranked the best and worst cities when it comes to getting regular eye exams. Read on to see if yours made the list....
  • What's It Take to Be a ‘Girl Boss’ ???

    August 2016
    What’s it like to be female entrepreneur in the optical industry? Ever thought of what it takes to become a “Girl Boss?” Find out for yourself next month in Vegas.
    The Optical Women’s Association (OWA) is providing yet another way to connect members to leaders with a panel discussion on the many paths to becoming a “girl boss.” It will happen at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, and will bring a roundtable of female entrepreneurs in the optical industry together to share their stories and provide inspiration to attendees.
  • On Site with OneSight

    August 2016
    EB spent a day watching the Luxottica/OneSight team in action at the Fresh Air Fund summer camp in Fishkill, NY, and spoke with Luxottica Wholesale North America president Fabrizio Uguzzoni about why vision clinics like this are so important—to all parties. Read on for more....
  • AOA Flies High With Optometry’s Meeting 2016

    July 2016
    The 119th Annual American Optometric Association (AOA) Congress & 46th Annual American Optometric Student Association Conference—held June 29-July 3 in Boston, was a chance for camaraderie, education on the latest clinical advancements, and honoring the work of fellow O.D.s and students. Read on for more....
  • How to Add Global Fit Eyewear to Your Frame Inventory

    July 2016
    Here, we offer up more information on available styles and collections to fill this growing need.
  • Meet Art of Optiks' Minneapolis

    July 2016
    In our July issue, we interview Stephanie Haenes about her views on eyewear and how she approaches business in her Art of Optiks stores in Minnesota. Are you going to be in her area? Discover Minneapolis like a local!
    Haenes shares some of her favorite places to go and things to do in the city. Read on for more....
  • An Outside Look to the Future

    July 2016
    Our July issue offers a peak into the future, as we asked several thought leaders from the optical industry where they predict eyewear and technology will bring us in the coming years. To offer a different view of what’s ahead, we asked a few outside retail consultants and executives to share their visions for tomorrow. Read on for some interesting insights….
  • The New Challenges for Young Eyes

    June 2016
    Today’s children (and adults) are relying so heavily on digital screens for their entertainment and even education that their young eyes are being challenged like never before. In our June issue, we asked some ECPs to weigh in on lens features that they recommend for young patients. Here, we present additional thoughts from two ECPs—and some additional stats on just how much of children’s time is spent on computers and digital devices.
  • Expert Tips….on Selling Kids' Eyewear

    June 2016
    EB’s article on selling eyewear to kids provides some spot-on advice from kid-centric ECPs on meeting the unique challenges presented by young optical patients. Read on for a must-follow list of strategies to best service these young patients.
  • Mobile Vision Care Program Sets Off on Cross-Country Crusade

    May 2016
    The Mobile Vision Care Program has launched to affect academic achievement by providing free vision screenings and care to students. The new program and affiliated research study is a partnership between Verizon, OneSight, Smart Vision Labs, and the State University of New York (SUNY) College of Optometry.
  • How to Celebrate National Sunglasses Day with The Vision Council

    May 2016
    National Sunglasses Day, celebrated annually by The Vision Council, is held to commemorate the importance of wearing ultraviolet-protective sunwear. Want to get involved? Here’s how:
  • Millennial Courtship Tips

    May 2016
    Millennials. AKA Generation Y.
    They are now the largest demographic in the country (eeking out the baby boomers), and—because they are in their late 20s on average—they are just starting to come into their buying power.
    As an addendum to our retail feature article on millennials this month, we present six ways to “court” the millennial customer/patient.
  • Going Deep into Color Vision

    May 2016
    This month, Eyecare Business revisits the basics of why we see—and perceive—color. It's a complicated subject. If you're still hungry for more info, read on for specifics of how rods and cones function. And, read about an island with the largest population of colorblind people.
  • Live Streaming: 7 Tips

    May 2016
    This month, Eyecare Business has a column on using live streaming (yep -- right onto the Internet!) to promote your business. To help even the neophyte streamer, we present 7 practical tips to help make your streams a screaming success. Read on for info....
  • 5 Shareable Tips for Ultraviolet Awareness Month

    April 2016
    Prevent Blindness, the nation's oldest eye health and safety organization, has designated the month of May as UV Awareness Month. Read on for tips and resources for educating your patients about the importance of UV awareness and sparking a conversation about preventing long-term eye damage from the sun.
  • Future Designers Wanted

    February 2016
    Are you an artist at heart, with a desire to put your vision into action as tomorrow’s elegant eyewear? Do you see yourself as a craftsman who wants to learn to get more in touch with the rich heritage of handmade eyewear? Safilo Group and Vogue are teaming up for a talent scouting and mentoring project to find and nurture eyewear’s next innovative designers. Read on to find out how you can participate:
  • 5 Made-in-America Selling Tips

    February 2016
    Our feature on Made-in-America eyewear spotlights how popular local products have become. The average American consumer is willing to pay up to 60% more for U.S.-made products, according to Boston Consulting Group’s Center for Consumer and Customer Insight. Read on for 5 hands-on ways to turn that home-grown appeal into fuel for your bottom line.
  • DID YOU KNOW? Lenses are made in America, too

    February 2016
    EB has devoted a feature article to the growing popularity of Made-In-America eyewear. But the M-I-A lure doesn't necessarily stop at the frame. Though the majority of ophthalmic lenses are manufactured overseas, there are a few lens products manufactured in the U.S. Read on to learn more....
  • Realigning Your Business for 2016

    January 2016
    How are you kicking off the New Year? Getting a new, fresh start for your optical business can be as important—if not more so—than your personal goals to eat right and exercise more. It’s not too late to get a plan in action.
    Need ideas? EB spoke with several ECPs to find out their plans for the new year.
    Read on.....
  • An Instagram Tutorial

    January 2016
    New to Instagram? Thinking about starting an account for your practice or shop? Now's the perfect time to start, as Instagram is used by more than 400 million people worldwide. Many optical retailers have already jumped on the Instagram train, with great results.
    Read on for our step-by-step guide to starting your own amazing Insta-presence.