2014 Web Exclusive Archive

  • A Future Focus on Lenses

    December 2014
    In our December print issue (see above), Eyecare Business asks the leaders of the some biggest lens companies about their predictions for the future of the lens market. In this Web Exclusive, we continue the discussion with even more thoughts and predictions.
  • Why Should You Care About Blue Light?

    October 2014
    Overexposure to blue light (aka high-energy visible light) is potentially dangerous to the eye. Though it has some beneficial qualities—namely coordinating our circadian rhythm and helping with mood—recent research is indicating that blue light can be damaging to the macula.
    In this day of ubiquitous digital devices and screens, which emit high levels of blue light, blue light is becoming a focus in the eyecare field. What’s the deal with blue light and why should you be talking to your patients about it (and blue light filtering lens products)? We asked two optometrists for their thoughts.
  • Moving, Moving, Moving

    September 2014
    Typical turns run six months to a year, and if a product doesn’t sell, it’s returned to the vendor for credit. But look a little deeper and you’ll see creative ways to move product.
  • Diners & Optical: What's the Connection?

    June 2014
    An old-fashioned diner and the independent eyecare provider: what's the connection? Best Image Optical's Mark Dolobany sends a message from the road about how his retro dining experience is a reminder of the high-quality experience offered by independent eyecare professionals. Read on for his reflections.
  • App-tivity on the Sales Floor

    June 2014
    Retailers in all channels have been integrating tablets on the sales floor over the past few years. Though their use, especially with larger, upscale stores, may have been initially for POS and placing orders quickly for customers, that use has morphed into a retail tool that is being used by global retail brands for floor management, sales, and customer education.
    And optical is keeping pace with this trend.
  • American Idol Finale!

    May 2014
    Tune in to FOX tonight for the season finale of American Idol to find out which contestant will win!
  • Pet Friendly Retail

    April 2014
    These days, dogs are constant companions, and shoppers expect their four-legged friends to be welcome just as much as their human hosts. Wondering if doggie "shoppers" are a good fit for your practice, well it's a question many retailers are wrestling with right now. In this web exclusive, we share a who's who list for the world of pet-friendly retail and dining establishments.
  • Glasses Give Hope

    March 2014
    A World Sight Day mission gives a little girl a lot of help. Zeiss' Great Lakes lab created a special pair of high-plus eyeglasses that are helping a 19-month-old girl, Lainey, to gain some of her vision after being born with detached retinas in each eye. For more information about this heart-warming story, and how to help little Lainey, read on.
  • And the Winner Is...

    March 2014
    The moving drama "12 Years a Slave" from director Steve McQueen earned the Oscar this year for best picture and best supporting actress award for Lupita Nyong'o. Read on for insights on the eyewear stylings for the brilliant actors involved in the production.
  • Oscars Week! Bradley Cooper Goes for the Gold

    February 2014
    Will this be Bradley Cooper's year to shine, or will he be the bridesmaid once again, this time for his well-coiffed work in the ensemble piece American Hustle? Last year, Cooper won accoclades, but no Oscar statue from the Academy. Read on for style insights on the handsome star.
  • Show Time! Jennifer Lawrence

    February 2014
    Decked out and dazzling, Jennifer Lawrence continues her attracting admirers with her acting prowess on film and charming red carpet watchers with her joie de vivre. What's she wearing to protect her beautiful eyes? Click through for the inside scoop...