The Newest Eyewear


VSP Optics releases Unity Relieve, a new single-vision lens to help patients combat digital eye strain. 

Unity Relieve is designed to provide visual comfort for single-vision patients who use digital devices for two or more hours a day. The design offers unrestricted distance vision and a slight power boost in the bottom of the lens to help alleviate symptoms of digital eye strain like dry eyes, headaches, and blurred vision. The Unity Relieve lenses are automatically coupled with TechShield Blue, a next-generation AR coating that reduces blue light exposure. 

"With the immersion of technology in our everyday lives, exposure to digital devices is much more universal. Unity Relieve uses advanced technology to help single-vision wearers reduce the impact of those devices on their eyes," says Randy Dannewitz, senior vice president of strategic development at VSP Optics. "Unity Relieve was designed using extensive testing and the latest technology to develop an innovative product unlike anything currently available. The result is a lens designed to meet individual patient needs, with the fit and feel of a single-vision lens."

Two Unity Relieve designs are available, based on the severity of patient symptoms. It is now available for order in CR-39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, 1.60 High Index, 1.67 High Index, and 1.74 High Index.

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