The Newest Eyewear


ThinOptics unveils ThinOptics FlashCard.

As small as a credit card and only 4mm thick, the FlashCard protects ThinOptics reading glasses from damage and scuffs, and is designed to fit easily into a pocket, wallet, or purse. 

“We build our products around busy people’s lives to ensure their reading glasses are right where they need them, when they need them,” says David Westendorf, CEO of ThinOptics. “What are the things you won’t leave home without? With over 2.8M ThinOptics reading glasses already on phones and keychains, this new FlashCard case places our ingeniously slim glasses in your wallet, pocket, or purse. Our benefit is to never leave home without your ability to focus.”

The FlashCard design is part of ThinOptics case accessory ecosystem, featuring protective cases that fit onto Samsung Galaxy and iPhones, keychains, and universal pods.

For more information: 844-484-4667,