The Newest Eyewear


Shamir introduces Shamir Autograph Intelligence, the latest addition to its Autographic progressive lens family.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence is designed to match the wearer’s "visual age," which refers to the physiological age of the eye (and the required addition). 

"Shamir dedicated a tremendous effort toward perfecting Shamir Autograph Intelligence. This design harnesses cutting-edge technologies that allow for the creation of truly personalized lenses that better address the visual needs of today’s presbyope,” says Mark Becker, Shamir’s vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships. "Our team has created a design that is unlike any progressive currently available and will open the door for Shamir to push forward the continuous evolution of a design concept that will impact the industry for years to come."

Shamir’s research mapped out how the importance of the addition zones differ by patient age (e.g., younger presbyopes preferring a digital zone, and 60+ presbyopes preferring traditional reading zones), and how important switching from zone to zone throughout the day was to various ages. 

The company’s new Eye-Point Technology AI uses complex computations to take into account the actual viewing angles configured for every distance.

The resulting lens utilizes a Continuous Design concept that links one product with a continuum of designs that meet a range of specific visual needs—allowing ECPs to offer patients a unique lens design ideally suited to their specific Visual Age, in all vision zones, and offering "instant focus" at all distances. 

The lenses are easy to fit and easy to order, with no additional surveys needed. 

The company has created a dedicated microsite for Shamir Autograph Intelligence, your best resource for up-to-the-minute info on the new lens: