The Newest Eyewear


Smith from Safilo unveils the new I/O MAG, the next evolution of interchangeable snow goggles.

Building on the success of the original I/O goggle, the I/O MAG is a streamlined design—reducing elements to only the most essential.

Utilizing Smith’s proprietary MAG lens change system, the rimless design features eight magnetic contact points with 16 durable, weatherproof N52 magnets that self-guides the lens into the anchored position. Once in position, two locking mechanical-engagement points resist forces and rotation during movement to ensure the lens remains securely in position while in use. To adapt to changing light conditions, the wearer simply pushes one lever at either side to release the lens for streamlined swapping. 

The I/O MAG features Smith’s ChromaPop snow lenses, designed to deliver premiere visibility, clarity, and durability.

Smith’s signature dual-lens design is incorporated, featuring the patented Porex filter to prevent optical distortion during changes in elevation. The inner lens includes 5X anti-fog technology for optimal vision, while the AirEvac integration technology further reduces fogging. 

The Responsive Fit frame offers an engineered lattice design between the lens and face flange, providing a comfortable contoured face fit that also allows ultimate integration when worn with a helmet or beanie. The addition of the ultra plush, hypoallergenic 3-layer face foam provides added comfort while absorbing approximately 50% more moisture than standard face foams. 

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