The Newest Eyewear


Kaenon unveils its new SR-91 ULTRA lens, its latest innovation in advanced polarized performance eyewear. 

“SR-91 ULTRA is truly designed and built for outsiders. Through our proprietary SR-91 ULTRA lens technology, we are providing an enhanced experience to help people see color and depth beyond normal capabilities,” says Troy Ballard, general manager of Kaenon. “SR-91 ULTRA filters specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion. By custom-tuning the color transmission, SR-91 ULTRA delivers greater definition, enhanced depth and unmatched clarity and detail, allowing your eyes to see more of what nature has to offer.”

The lens has been released in select Kaenon styles and is available in three lens tints: ULTRA Gray, ULTRA Brown, and ULTRA Pacific Blue Mirror.

Other standout features for the SR-91 ULTRA include proprietary polarizing film and material, front and rear hydro-oleophobic coatings, and more. 

To see the color-enhancing capabilities in action, click here