The Newest Eyewear


Costa expands its optical collection with its new Forest Reef line, blending real wood accents on premium acetate or metal.

“The on-trend wood material palette is inspired by the streamlined look of vintage boats of the 1920s and 1930s and fossilized underwater forests,” says John Sanchez, VP of product design for Costa. “This expansion welcomes wearers who identify with a relaxed coastal lifestyle.”

The Forest Reef line offers six styles (including Forest Reef 210, pictured). Suggested retail pricing is $250.

Costa has also announced a new bio-resin demo lens program, in line with the company’s ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible design. Debuted in the Forest Reef collection, Costa’s new demo lenses are derived from cornstarch made from plant products, as opposed to demo lenses traditionally manufactured from a petroleum base.

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