The Newest Eyewear


ClearVision Optical recently introduced its “Make it BluTech” program, offering eyecare professionals the opportunity to add BluTech lenses to almost any of the company’s frames within 12 unique brands.

CVO shares that the lens options include:

  • Ultra – Made of polycarbonate, this is the lightest color offered. This is lens is an ideal combination of cosmetics and blue light filtration. Available in plano, readers, and accommodation lenses. This lens is standard in ClearVision’s Plano BluTech Eyewear.
  • Classic – Made of high-impact 1.56 material. Best for moderate to heavy computer/device use. Available in plano and readers.
  • Max – Made of polycarbonate. Offers the most protection you can get in a BluTech lens without a prescription – perfect for contact lens wearers or for adults and kids using devices before bedtime. Available in plano and accommodation lens.
  • Polarized – Sunglass lens made of polycarbonate, offers all-purpose protection while allowing you to read your digital devices outdoors in bright sunlight. Available only in plano.

Pricing starts at $30 and includes cutting, edging, and insertion.

For more information: 800-645-3733,