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Managing the Crisis

Welcome to the third issue of our new PentaVision publication—The OD Connection—which delivers critical, timely information and fresh ideas on the optometric alliance and buying group arena to help independent eye-care professionals be successful in today’s uniquely competitive marketplace.

The focus of this issue is “Crisis Management” in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the recent Eyecare Business Covid-19 + ECPs Focus Group Study Wave #4, a full 75% of respondents say that they are expecting a “significant financial impact” to their business from the coronavirus crisis. An additional 21% say that they are expecting to experience “some financial impact.”

”With nearly 100% of eyecare professionals indicating today that their business is going to be impacted by the fallout from the pandemic, many are turning to trusted resources—including their own O.D. alliances and buying groups—for support and guidance.

In our cover feature—Crisis Management, starting on page 6—we sit down with Justin L. Manning, O.D., MPH, FAAO, of Healthy Eyes Advantage to learn about six coping techniques and strategies to help navigate today’s new landscape.

One key takeaway? Accept the certainty of fear. “One of the most important psychological steps one can take during tough times like these is what’s called ‘fear setting,’” says Dr. Manning, referring to author and podcast host Tim Ferriss’ system that contrasts fear setting to goal setting, and stresses the importance of defining not just your goals, but your fears.

In our Starting Block department on page 10, we step inside one reopening Pittsburgh practice with Frank Aulicino, O.D. And, in our To the Point section on page 5, we report on a feel-good story from Africa, where Moes Nasser, O.D., Vision Source, and Optometry Giving Sight are teaming up to open up two optometric clinics in northern Tanzania.

We know that these are incredibly trying times for both you and your business—and our goal is to support your practice with information and resources as you navigate the path to a successful future.

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In our third special issue of The OD Connection, we focus on crisis management via resources offered by optometric alliances and buying groups.

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