Considering joining a buying group? This tear-out guide of the key players is your go-to source for the buying group space.

There are numerous choices when it comes to selecting a buying group to work with, but each is different in its own way. Here, we break down the basics of six of the key buying group players to help you decide which option is right for your business.

ADO Practice Solutions

ADO Practice Solutions aims to help make owning an independent eyecare practice easier and more profitable, providing tools to “power up” practices. The organization offers three membership levels so that individuals can find a membership that’s right for their practice.

Combine Buying Group

Established in 1981, Combine Buying Group enhances the ability of its members to obtain cost-justified volume-priced discounts, allows offices “pay-as-you-go” alternatives, and features hassle-free billing, member support, and more.

Healthy Eyes Advantage

Healthy Eyes Advantage (HEA) is a single-source partner for easy access to the eyecare industry’s purchasing programs and service solutions. With more than 10,000 members and 200 strategic vendor partners, HEA offers a purchasing and practice solutions marketplace for independent eyecare professionals nationwide. The HEA has also given more than $12 million back to the 18 state associations it’s endorsed by nationwide.

Professional Eyecare Resource Co-Operative

The Professional Eyecare Resource Co-Operative (PERC) represents more than 10,000 eyecare professionals practicing in more than 5,000 locations. PERC aligns with leading vendors in the industry to offer cost savings, efficiency, and education to its members, with the core commitment of supplying independent ECPs with tools to be competitive in today’s market.


Nearly three-quarters of The OD Connection research survey respondents report an increase in profits since joining a buying group or alliance—with an average profit increase of 13%

The Alliance

The Alliance supports the strategic objectives of ECPs (whether a single practice or multilocation clinic) by building pathways toward success through enhancing operating procedures and cost savings with optical and med-surg supply programs. The buying group offers customized plans and tailored marketing services.


Family-owned and -operated since 1980, the Alfred J. Villavecchia Buying Group is dedicated to providing personalized customer service while maintaining accurate, detailed, and prompt monthly statements. There is no cost to join, and the organization charges no administration fees.

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—Compiled by Kerri Ann Raimo