In the Sublease Market?

LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, MyEyeDr., National Vision—I moderated a panel discussion of experts, including our own Corporate Optometry Today! Contributing Editor Maria Sampalis, O.D., from these corporate optical leaders at the recently held Vision Expo East in New York City.

The focus? The panel delved into today’s specific practice model opportunities for optometrists within corporate optometry, including sublease and employed, and looked at how each of those work.

We also dug into discussion on the key benefits of each practice model as they relate to an optometrist’s success in today’s unique market, plus the main personal + job satisfaction benefits of each optometrist practice model—for both new grads + veteran O.D.s.

“I wish I knew how much I’d be able to control my patient schedule and whether or not I’d be allowed to train staff.”

—Van Vu, O.D., who subleases from 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore in Orange City, FL, tells us in this issue’s Got Sublease? feature

In this issue of COT!, we dive even deeper into this key topic in our Got Sublease? (page 10) cover feature with 4 “I-wish-I-knew-before” critical intel bites for O.D.s considering a sublease with a corporate optical. Penned by Dr. Sampalis, the must-read article features four optometrists (including herself) who each divulge their personal wisdom and sage advice on subleasing.

And, there’s so much more in this content-packed issue of COT! On page 14, check out our info-packed exclusive interview with Pratil Lal, O.D., director of vision services at Warby Parker, who answers COT!’s 5 big questions.

Our New Grad column, on page 8, reveals 6 important lessons learned from corporate optometry.

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Erinn Morgan
Editor-in-Chief + Editorial Director
Corporate Optometry Today! + Eyecare Business

In this issue of COT!, we reveal 4 O.D.s’ unique “I-wish-I-knew-before” corporate optometry sublease advice bites.