Keep Calm and….

Paint your space navy blue? According to a recent study conducted by British paper company G.F Smith and the University of Sussex, navy blue is the world’s most relaxing color.

The finding follows the study’s main undertaking, called The World’s Favourite Colour project—which concluded in 2017 that the most beloved hue is a bright teal, named Marrs Green. So, if you’re looking to relax your customers or co-workers (or, hey, yourself), keep calm and navy blue.

—Kerri Ann Raimo

Are You Retail Ready?

In a highly competitive landscape, every advantage counts. Here, we serve up five key strategies for retail success from The Robin Report based on trends heading into 2020. —K.A.R.

  1. Preemptive Distribution: Retailers must preemptively pinpoint when, where, and how consumers want their products in order to beat the competition.
  2. Mobile Proliferation: Defining a mobile strategy is key, as mobile commerce is expected to increase 30% in 2019.
  3. Price and Product Personalization: Utilizing analytics on past shopping behaviors gives retailers the upper hand in understanding their consumers’ wants.
  4. Retailer Collaborations With Technology Companies: To successfully execute a beneficial technology strategy, fuse modern tech capabilities into the retail landscape by partnering with companies that offer innovative tools.
  5. Associate Empowerment & Virtual Assistance: It may seem like common sense but, to succeed, retailers must have a better understanding of their products and services than their shoppers do.

Recycle Those Lenses

Costa has started a program to keep the estimated 120 million plastic demo lenses (and redos) from entering our waste stream each year.

The Kick Plastic Lens Recycling Program makes it easy for ECPs and labs to collect, recycle, and repurpose plastic lenses (optical and sun).

Program partner Piedmont Plastics repurposes the lenses into scuba masks, safety glasses, and motorcycle helmet shields.

Corporate practices interested in participating need only contact Costa for a free collection container. Selling Costa is not a requirement; but Costa customers enrolled in the program do get a special designation on Costa’s dealer locator site. Info: —Susan Tarrant