4 Career Considerations

Solid advice about making those important first career moves

AS GRADUATION APPROACHES, it can be easy for new graduates to be attracted to the highest-paid opportunity that’s laid out before them. But, it’s important to take the time to make sure your first steps will lead you where you want to go.

Think beyond the salary, location, or schedule to consider how your affiliation with various corporate opticals can help your career path. Think long term.

Here, four critical considerations:


Corporate O.D.s need to understand that the companies they work with can make a lasting impression on their career. The way the corporate optical portrays itself to the optical community will reflect upon you, as well.

Understand what your future employer stands for and how patients view it in the community. You will be a reflection of its brand and vice versa.


Being a new graduate, corporate optometry can provide you with name recognition throughout the country, which can be a great way to jump-start your career.

The employer name and brand can provide a strong foundation for networking with other companies and making your next career move. It may also have a strong brand presence in the community that can help you grow your own personal brand.


A company’s reputation by association is important to evaluate. Take a look at the online opinions about the optical that you want to work with. Evaluate the longevity and turnover rates of the associates and optometrists who work within the brand. Does it have a good reputation as an eyecare provider and as an employer?


Many corporate opticals use technology that can help you grow clinically and expand your business experience. The more experience you have, the more value that you can provide to that company and other potential employers.

Corporate optometry can provide an opportunity to see a lot of patients and various cases at the very beginning of your career, and can help you sharpen your clinical, communication, and business skills.

Linking yourself with corporate opticals that have a positive image can boost your personal name as an O.D. Being an affiliated corporate optometrist can be prestigious and have more value than one might imagine.

It is up to you as the O.D. to see—and capitalize on—this potential. COT! —Maria Sampalis, O.D.