Is Managed Care Really a Conundrum?

Welcome to the third issue of Corporate Optometry Today!, where we delve into the world of managed care to determine just how some corporate optometrists are realizing success in the realm.

In COT!’s wide-reaching survey of corporate optometrists in 2018, a full 44% of respondents said that “Profitability with Managed Care” is the most compelling topic they’d like to see us cover.

In addition, when asked “What is the biggest business challenge you are facing today?” an abundance of corporate O.D. survey respondents listed managed care. Some of their replies include:

» “Insurance reimbursement.”

» “By far, it is low reimbursement from vision plans, which make up 80% of my patients.”

» “Cheap vision plans.”

» “Lower insurance reimbursements to O.D.s that are in corporate offices.”

» “Getting on any several of the local medical panels—UnitedHealthcare and Aetna, for example—has been fruitless [for us].”

» “Third-party plans.”

“Managed care has influenced optometrists’ career paths. I believe it has resulted in limiting O.D.s to more routine eye care and over a decade of stagnated reimbursements rates.”

—Steve Udesky, O.D., a fill-in optometrist for For Eyes in Illinois, tells us in The Managed Care Conundrum, page 14

For guidance on this hot topic, we turn to Contributing Editor Maria Sampalis, O.D., who pens our cover feature on managed care this month. Here, in The Managed Care Conundrum feature (page 10), Dr. Sampalis looks at how managed care has influenced corporate O.D.s’ practice models, plus she checks in with three corporate O.D.s for their best tips on the topic.

And, there’s so much more in this content-packed issue of COT! On page 14, check out our lively interview with Alex Wilkes, Pearle Vision’s senior vice president and general manager, who answers Corporate Optometry Today!’s 5 big questions on franchising today.

Our New Grad column, on page 8, looks into six reasons why corporate optometry is a great choice for the neophyte.

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We hope you enjoy the issue!

Erinn Morgan
Editor-in-Chief + Editorial Director
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In this issue of COT!, we look at ways corporate optometrists can win with managed care.