Help your little patients and their families start the school year off right with great vision!

Families need eyewear that fit a wide range of activities in their lifestyle – including back-to-school time for the kids. Help make it easier for parents to get the vision care their kids need by letting them know you offer promotional financing through CareCredit and they can apply right at your practice.

CareCredit can be used for

• premium lenses

• designer frames

• multiple pairs

• sunwear

• annual supplies of contacts

• specialty eye care treatments

• exams and more

Everybody like options.

Get your FREE Glass Decals

Place this double-sided repositionable vinyl decal on your entry door or front window to let families know about financing options as they enter your practice.

To get your FREE materials, call 800.859.9975 (press 1, then 6) or log in as a healthcare provider at

Not enrolled in CareCredit? Call 866.853.8432 for more information or to get started today!