The Art of Social Media Storytelling April 2019

Welcome to EB's "The Art of (Social Media) Storytelling," written by our social media guru Tanya Gill, O.D.
Here, she lays out monthly lessons on how optical businesses can best use social media to tell their story...of their brand, of their practice/store, or of their mission.
As an added bonus, we've included Dr. Gill's corresponding social posts or worksheets right here via this link for you to download + use on and for your own social channels.

There are many ways to tell a story on social media. This month, we will learn how to create your own brand hashtag. Don’t let that last sentence scare you. Creating a brand hashtag for your business and your messaging is easier than you think.
It’s all about brainstorming ideas surrounding what makes you “you.” We’ve provided a free worksheet that has additional brainstorming questions to help you #hashtagYOU.