October 2019 The Art of Social Media Storytelling

Welcome to EB's "The Art of (Social Media) Storytelling," written by our social media guru Tanya Gill, O.D.
Here, she lays out monthly lessons on how optical businesses can best use social media to tell their story...of their brand, of their practice/store, or of their mission.
As an added bonus, we've included Dr. Gill's corresponding images, social posts, or worksheets right here via this link for you to download + use on and for your own social channels.

When it comes to telling a story, there are some things that should always be included on your social media feed: clear images, inspiring quotes, product shots, and portraits.

On the flip side, there are things that should always be edited out.

Here, we discuss three items that should always be left on the chopping block—and share how to streamline your storytelling by utilizing Story on both Instagram and Facebook.