July/August 2019 Social Media Hot List

Welcome to EB's "The Art of (Social Media) Storytelling," written by our social media guru Tanya Gill, O.D.
Here, she lays out monthly lessons on how optical businesses can best use social media to tell their story...of their brand, of their practice/store, or of their mission.
As an added bonus, we've included Dr. Gill's corresponding social posts or worksheets right here via this link for you to download + use on and for your own social channels.

Think of your social media page as your online profile and your office as the first date. Do they match up? In this month’s column, we learn how to match the online story to the actual experience.
Here’s one way: Time to visit the art store to create some of your own authentic P.O.P. When you are done, take photos of your pieces and post them on your social media. Congratulations, you’ve just matched your online story to the actual experience. Your customer might not know it, but they will certainly feel it.
Not feeling very crafty or arty? I created some artwork that you can use! Download them for free here, then print and hang up in your optical!