October 2018 Social Media Hot List

Welcome to EB’s Social Media Hot List for ECPs, written by our social media guru Tanya Gill, O.D. Here, she will lay out her monthly hot list of inspiring social media content to help your business #grow and to make your life #easier. And, as an added bonus, we’ve included all Dr. Gill’s corresponding social post images right here via this link for you to download & use for free on your own social channels:

A few years ago, I learned from a business class that if you don’t change, you die. Taking that finality to heart, for October we will be changing it up. First off, we will be celebrating special dates revolving around health, food, and our favorite pet—the cat.
Secondly, with over 200 million daily active users, Story is the fastest growing social medium on Instagram and Facebook. This is where our cha-cha-change rolls in.
GIFs are files that can be animated. Think: tiny video. When used in Story, GIFs are terribly entertaining and attention grabbing. This month, download free, animated GIFs to add to your Facebook Story for our key social media dates below.
Best Social Media Dates in October
Oct. 2: National Child Health Day – #ChildHealthDay
Oct. 4: National Taco Day – #NationalTacoDay
Oct. 11: World Sight Day #WorldSightDay
Oct. 29: National Cat Day – #NationalCatDay
Oct. 31: Halloween – #Halloween
Download my free images and animated Story GIFs help celebrate these days on your social media!