Vision Community Launches

May 21, 2020 — Members of the vision community have teamed up to curate a new website,, designed to help eyecare professionals navigate the reopening process amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Sponsored by The Vision Council, the new digital platform features tips to help ECPs navigate the “new normal,” including insights on best practices, safety protocols, and more.

“ provides the most timely, relevant information that eyecare providers need to be aware of as they reopen their businesses, as well as tools and actionable tips to employ over the coming months as they evolve from surviving to thriving,” says David Chute, cofounder and CEO of ThinOptics and a member of the website’s task force. “By curating the best, trusted resources in one place in a personalized and interactive format, we hope to help eyecare providers make informed business decisions.”

The website is divided into seven sections:

  1. The Landscape, featuring detailed information on national Covid-19 data and trends. 
  2. Setting Your Course, designed to help ECPs develop a strategy to navigate the implications of Covid-19.
  3. Financing the Journey, which takes a closer look at finances with an interactive cashflow calculator.
  4. Roadmap to Reopening helps users understand PPE sources and dispensary protocols. 
  5. Leading the Way provides tips on how to manage, motivate, and compensate staff during this turbulent time.
  6. Rules, Regulations, and Requirements highlights state and local roles, professional guidelines, liability issues, and employment law.
  7. Industry Data contains the latest research on how Covid-19 is affecting the vision industry.

The content is curated by a task force of vision leaders, including:
• Marty Bassett, President and CEO, Walman Optical
• Edward Buffington, President and CEO, GPN Technologies
• David Chute, Co-Founder and CEO, ThinOptics
• Marc Ferrara, CEO Information Services, Jobson Medical Information
• David Friedfeld, President, ClearVision Optical
• Gary Gerber, OD, Chief Dream Officer, The Power Practice
• Jim McGrann, Chairman and CEO, Healthy Eyes Advantage
• James Rosin, Co-President, Rosin Eyecare
• John Ryan, General Manager, United Healthcare Vision

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