The EB COVID-19 + ECPs Study Results

March 31, 2020 — We know these are challenging times for you and your business—and that you are navigating uncharted territory.  

To help gain further insight on the actions of eyecare professionals across the country in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Eyecare Business deployed the COVID-19 + ECPs Focus Group Study to our readership on March 23, 2020. 

The response was tremendous and the results are eye-opening.

The survey dives deep into such critical questions as whether ECPs expect a financial impact to their business due to COVID-19, if they’re offering telehealth solutions, and if optometrists and opticians have kept their doors open or not—or stayed open just for critical care patients.

Read on below for a snapshot of the most revealing results—they define the directions, actions, and opinions of ECPs across the country as they navigate this uncharted territory. With the critical insights gained from our COVID-19 + ECPs Focus Group Study, we aim to help support eyecare professionals and their practice/business.
—Erinn Morgan, EB Editor-in-Chief

The COVID-19 + ECPs Focus Group Study survey group included 17% opticians, 74% optometrists, and 9% other. Stay tuned for the results of a 2nd deployment of this survey coming soon.







What type of information do you need most right now from the editors of Eyecare Business to help your business succeed in the current COVID-19 business climate?
Survey Respondent Answers:
“How to implement teleoptometry without investing a large amount. How code and bill.”
“Suggestions on how to be creative and generate income during this time!!”
“Current plans of ECPs across the country in regards to business and staff affected by COVID-19.”
“Education on benefits and employment options for staff and owners. That's what most doctors are concerned about. How to keep the business viable, pay staff, etc.”
“Any updates on ways small business are being helped by government.”
“How to stay connected with patients and strategies for when we can reopen.”
“Updates on legislative actions by state and federal governments as they specifically relate to optometry offices.”