Shamir Responds to COVID-19

April 2, 2020 — In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shamir Insight, Inc., has shared specific steps the company is taking to ensure business continuity and the commitment to support of customer needs as part of its “Committed to Caring, Together as One” focus, including:
  • More immediate attention to customers via the development of a dedicated response team designed to field questions, concerns, and orders. The response team is accessible via email at, as well as the Shamir customer service line (877-514-8330) and technical support line (888-370-0736 or via email at
  • Solidifying a core business continuity group to ensure proper workflow for customer orders. This group consists of customer service, supply chain and logistics, online education and webinars, accounts payable and receivable, information technology, and executive leadership and escalation teams.
  • Fully-operational access to Shamir designs through Prescriptor software. Shamir blanks inventory is available and stocked for normal sales volumes to its labs.
  • Continued focus on the Shamir R&D pipeline in Israel, to ensure product innovation ideas come to fruition that help the company’s lab partners and ECP customers rebuild their businesses.
  • This appropriate theme promotes unity during this difficult time and acknowledges Shamir’s commitment of caring for people.

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