ECPs Get Back to Business + Report Rebound Plans in EB Covid-19 + ECPs Survey Wave #4

Eyecare Business’s Covid-19 + ECPs Survey Wave #4 reveals several key directions and strategies that eyecare professionals across the country are taking. 

In fact, a full 54% of ECPs report that they are open for business now, and 37% expect a 100% rebound in their business by end of 2020 with another 27% anticipating that rebound in 2021. 

Additionally, our survey digs into ECPs’ future product purchasing expectations from frames to lenses, and also looks at product purchasing preferences in today’s new world where in-person contact is less desirable. 

See these results and more, as EB presents highlights from our Covid-19 + ECPs Focus Group Study Wave #4 results below—which help clearly define the current situation and ECP mindset during this health crisis across the country and around the world.

To help track the actions and opinions of eyecare professionals across the country in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Eyecare Business deployed the Wave #1 Covid-19 + ECPs Focus Group Study to our readership on March 23, 2020. To follow that and track changes and new issues as they arise, EB deployed Wave #2 on April 6, Wave #3 on April 20, and Wave #4 on May 12.  

The response has been tremendous to all surveys—and the results track the journey of eyecare professionals across the country in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. —Erinn Morgan, EB Editor-in-Chief

The Covid-19 + ECPs Focus Group Study Wave #4 survey group included 17% opticians, 76% optometrists, and 6% other. Stay tuned for the results of a 3rd deployment of this survey coming soon.