CooperVision Acquires Blanchard Contact Lenses

CooperVision has  acquired Blanchard Contact Lenses, Inc., a fast-growing manufacturers of scleral lenses. The acquisition will allow CooperVision to further expand its scleral lens portfolio. Jean Blanchard, president of Blanchard Contact Lenses, will continue to lead the organization. He has also been appointed as a member of the CooperVision Specialty EyeCare global management team.
“[Blanchard’s] innovative products, services, technologies, and people will augment what we are building with Paragon, Procornea, and Soflex,” says Juan Carlos Aragon, president of CooperVision’s Specialty EyeCare division. “This creates even more opportunities for CooperVision to partner with eyecare professionals, and for them to meet a range of patient needs.”
Blanchard, with its network of distributors, has a strong brand position in North America, Europe (including Scandinavia), Central America, and South America. Its recently introduced OneFit MED scleral lens is being rapidly adopted by ECPs, and the company has grown globally over the past several years, with its products available in more than 20 countries.
“The new relationship with CooperVision will be instrumental in extending our reach and potential, providing access to a broad range of research, operations and commercial resources for the benefit of customers and wearers,” says Blanchard.
Founded in 1986, Blanchard has operations in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada and Manchester, New Hampshire, United States, and employs approximately 70 people. Like CooperVision’s other specialty businesses, it will retain its name and continue to operate as a separate yet complementary organization. Customers should continue to work with their current representatives.
The acquisition includes Blanchard’s U.S. and Canadian entities