AOA Joins Collaborative to Battle Opioid Epidemic

The American Optometric Association (AOA) is one of more than 100 organizations joining the National Academy of Medicine’s (NAM’s) Action Collaborative on Countering the U.S. opioid epidemic, dedicated to reversing the troubling crisis.
Announced by NAM on April 30, the Action Collaborative is a public-private partnership of government, health care, nonprofit, payers and academic organizations committed to improving coordination and accelerating the pace of change.
According to a statement released by the AOA today: Considering that doctors of optometry are trained and licensed to differentially diagnose pain and to prescribe and dispense controlled substances in the course of professional practice, inclusive of opioid for pain control, the AOA takes a vested interest in the opioid epidemic. The AOA supports research in prevention, treatment and recovery services and data metrics that can be helpful in developing new, effective approaches to treatment and prevention.
As a Network Organization, AOA is committed to help:
  • Identify and raise the visibility of complex challenges, research gaps and needs that require a collective, multi-sectoral response;
  • Elevate and accelerate evidence-based, multi-sectoral and interprofessional solutions to improve outcomes of those affected; and,
  • Catalyze action on shared priorities and solutions to overcome the crisis and improve outcomes for all.
AOA’s commitment statement, through its Health Policy Institute, can be accessed here