Opternative Partners With More Websites

Opternative, maker of a controversial consumer-facing online vision test, has partnered with WebEyeCare to provide access to online prescription renewal technology on the company's website WebEyeCare advertises itself as a consumer’s “source for the lowest prices on contact lenses.”
The site also sells a variety of brand-name frames and offers Rx lens service. With this partnership, WebEyeCare customers will be able to receive an online prescription for glasses and contacts on the company's website.
"We are very excited to partner with Opternative to be able to offer online vision tests to our customers," says Vadim Batushansky, CEO of WebEyeCare. "This technology will remove traditional hurdles our customers have to go through and will expedite the prescription renewal process."
This is the latest partnership that expands the availability of Opternative’s online prescription service. Earlier this month, Opternative announced its partnership with Lensabl, an online retailer that provides Rx lenses for users’ eyeglass frames. Lensabl customers can access Opternative’s online test for $40 to receive to an Rx with which to order their lenses.
As EB has previously reported, Opternative has also launched EZRx, a software solution that enables eyecare practices to include digital refractions and visual acuity tests on the practice’s own website.
Opternative continues to face stiff opposition from the optical industry and the American Optometric Association, and has been warned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that it is operating without the necessary premarket approval.