Opternative Changes Name, Aims to Rebrand Itself

Opternative—creator of an online consumer vision test—announced a new name and rebranding effort to change the negative image it has in the eyecare industry and to reflects its desire to form partnerships within optical. The new name, Visibly, takes effect today. Its new website address is
The company told EB that: "Within the past year, we've already begun the work towards changing the negative connotation around the name Opternative by building a portfolio of solutions that help enable eyecare providers and eyewear retailers' businesses. Since building these solutions over the past year, we have quadrupled the number of partnerships we have. We feel the name change is another key step in helping us become better partners with the eyecare industry...Under the new name Visibly, we will continue to improve upon our existing solutions for the industry and build new technologies to help solve their business challenges."

“We understand that our previous company name, Opternative, carried a negative connotation in the eyecare industry and positioned the brand as an existential threat to optometrists,” said Dr. Steven Lee, founder and chief science officer of Opternative, now Visibly. “This is why it was important for us to rebrand the company with a name that better represents the partnerships we’re building with eyecare providers and eyewear retailers in the industry.”
 “Our company believes that every human on earth deserves affordable access to eye care, wherever they are, all of the time,” said Brent Rasmussen, CEO at Visibly. “Our new name Visibly represents this belief and inspires confidence within the industry to embrace positive change that will help more people see more clearly, more often.”
Visibly’s online vision test allows consumers to test their vision and receive a prescription from its contracted board of ophthalmologists and optometrists. In addition, its online test is currently offered by several online eyewear and contact lens vendors.
As EB previously reported, Visibly started a program called EZ-Rx, a customizable software solution for eyecare providers, retailers, and other organizations that enables them to offer the online vision test on their own  website.
EB also recently announced it had secured $9 million in its latest round of funding, which it will use to double its engineering, product, sales, and marketing teams. According to a statement from the company, the funding was also be used to grow awareness and adoption of its online vision test with consumers, employers, and eyecare providers.
Earlier this fall, it announced the launch of a new web-based, voice-activated vision test. Users can now renew their prescription online using only a mobile device, even if their prescription has changed.
—Susan Tarrant