Marcolin Celebrates in Sales Meeting

Marcolin Group’s U.S. National Sales Meeting in Los Angeles focused on celebrating the company’s growth and commitment to the evolving eyewear market—and featured a special appearance by designer Tom Ford, who stopped by for a Q&A session with attendees.
The three-day meeting—held April 12-14 in Los Angeles—included more than 225 attendees, with members from Marcolin’s U.S. sales teams, marketing, brand, product, and design teams, as well as executives from both the U.S. and global offices. The agenda included regional sales workshops, brand and product presentations, and a gala event with an awards ceremony.
“We are a growing company. We have a clear, compelling, and differentiating vision which will allow us to play a crucial role in the evolution of this market,” says Marcolin USA Eyewear Corp. CEO Davide Rettore (pictured here). “We are living in a moment where we have the opportunity to leave a mark in our industry. So, let’s always focus on our Next Play!” The term “Next Play” was the overarching theme of the meeting, pointing towards the company’s future. 
Marcolin Group’s CEO, Massimo Renon, and executive vice chairman, Giovanni Zoppas, opened the day’s events to discuss the company’s global vision and continued growth in the industry. Rettore welcomed attendees to the meeting and shared his vision on the company’s goals, and graffiti artist and motivational speaker Erik Wahl gave a presentation about re-engaging the creative spark that’s inherent in all of us and necessary for business and personal growth.
A highlight of the event was when designer Tom Ford took to the stage for a special Q&A session. Ford spoke about his company and his partnership with Marcolin Group, and expressed his gratitude to everyone in the audience for their commitment to the Tom Ford brand.
The event closed with a gala event featuring dinner and awards ceremony recognizing top sales representatives in their field.

Pictured: Marcolin USA Eyewear Corp. CEO Davide Rettore