Contact Lens Renewal App Gets $16 Million In Funding

Simple Contacts, a startup that created an online eye test that allows consumers to renew their contact lens prescriptions for online ordering, has just received $16 million in new funding.
Simple Contacts was founded a little over a year ago by Joel Wishkovsky and Ryan Quigley. It uses two tests on the website or as an app for a smart phone: an eye redness test lets a remote doctor see the eye with the contact lens in, and a vision test to determine whether the user's vision has changed. The vision test records the user reading a letter chart (occluding one eye at a time), while wearing his current contact lens. The $20 tests, according to the Simple Contacts website, do not determine the user’s refraction, but only whether his vision has changed enough to need an updated prescription.
If the user’s vision has changed, the user is directed to an ECP for a new exam. If the app determines the user’s vision hasn’t changed, the recorded test is reviewed by an ophthalmologist. and a new prescription is issued. Users can then buy a new supply of contacts through the app or website.
According to a report in Business Insider, Simple Contacts received $16 million in new funding from Waypoint Capital Partners, Goodwater Capital, Flatiron Health, Goodwater Capital, and a number of ophthalmologists. This latest round brings the company's total funding to $26 million, according to a report in Mobil Health News.

The Business Insider article quotes Wishkovsky saying that he has plans for the company to grow in the telemedicine industry beyond contact lenses, and already has plans for birth control and dermatology applications.