ABB OPTICAL GROUP Acquires Glimpse Live

ABB OPTICAL GROUP, a national supplier of optical products and services, has acquired Glimpse Live, a data and analytics provider for eyecare professionals and other healthcare practitioners.
Headquartered in Jacksonville Beach, FL, Glimpse is a "push" data service designed to help optical business owners measure and track performance, identify growth opportunities, forecast future trends, and compare results among peers. The software securely integrates with electronic health records and practice management systems to provide in-depth analytics, live benchmarking, employee productivity tracking, monthly SWOT reports, and daily metrics in an easy-to-understand, snapshot format, among other features.
Casey Hedberg, who founded Glimpse in 2013, will become managing director of Glimpse following the acquisition by ABB OPTICAL GROUP.
“Glimpse is a fantastic fit for ABB OPTICAL. This enables us to offer our customers more in-depth, expanded business reviews and build upon our comprehensive analysis of a practice’s contact lens portfolio to include a full, complete look at the entire business,” says Brad Weinbrum, president of ABB OPTICAL GROUP. “By providing practices with a full range of metrics, including frames and lens sales in addition to contact lens trends, we will help eye practitioners accelerate their growth and drive an increase in profitability.”
“By integrating into ABB’s full-service optical platform, our team is going to be able to continue innovating and investing in leading-edge, healthcare information technologies to deliver new, best-in-class products and even more value to our customers,” adds Hedberg.
ABB OPTICAL GROUP is a distributor of optical products, and supplies nearly two-thirds of eyecare professionals across the country with brand name contact lenses, fully customizable gas permeable and custom specialty soft contact lenses, ophthalmic lenses, and more. It also operates Digital Eye Lab, a fully automated optical lab dedicated to free-form digital lens fabrication. It also offers practice-building services such as pricing strategy tools, business reviews, and ecommerce solutions.