OneSight Plans Largest-Ever Media Campaign

OneSight, the global vision care non-profit founded and sponsored by Luxottica, will launch its “Victory is in Sight” campaign tomorrow, Nov. 9. It is its biggest and boldest campaign for access to vision care ever launched. Its goal is to raise awareness about the powerful difference a simple pair of glasses can make. The campaign invites individuals and organizations to go to and get involved.
 “Victory is in Sight” is a fully integrated campaign that will run in print, out-of-home, online, and in cinema in NCM’s Noovie pre-show. The campaign will expand into over 1,000 retail stores in the U.S., thanks to the support of Luxottica.
The campaign centers on a 30-second “Victory is in Sight” video that demonstrates how OneSight Vision Clinics and Centers are helping people live to their potential. This video is supported by shorter 15-second “Personal Victory” videos that tell individual stories. The campaign has been developed in partnership with creative agency Truth Collective and media partner Canvas Worldwide.


To watch the “Victory is in Sight” video click here


To make it easy for people to join the “Victory is in Sight” Campaign, OneSight has launched a new website— It gives people a way to get involved and immediately see the impact. People are also encouraged to follow the effort at
“1 in 7 people in the world cannot see clearly, because they lack access to eye exams and glasses,” says Mony Iyer, president and executive Director at OneSight. “Glasses do so much more than give clear sight. They help fight illiteracy. They help combat poverty. They help resist inequality. At OneSight, we believe that the fight for access to vision care is the fight for human potential.”
Alongside the campaign, OneSight will be hosting a series of Vision Care Clinics around the globe in the following U.S. cities: San Diego; Cincinnati, OH; Duluth, GA; Kansas City, MO; Washington, D.C., and Charlotte, NC.