Digital Eye Lab Nabs Unity Independent Lab Award

Digital Eye Lab (DEL). a division of ABB OPTICAL GROUP, has been named VSP Optics Group’s Unity Independent Lab of the Year for 2016.
The annual honor is awarded to an independent optical laboratory that demonstrates exceptional quality of work, exceeding Unity sales targets, and providing superior customer service. DEL earned the award in its full year as a Unity enabled laboratory. DEL first began manufacturing Unity lenses in mid-2015
In recognition of the honor, VSP Optics Group donated $2,500 on behalf of DEL to the Arc of Westchester Foundation. The organization supports children, teens, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing programs to foster independence, productivity, and participation in community life. 
Digital Eye Lab just recently launched fabrication of VSP's new Unity Via progressive lenses. Unity Via’s intelligent technology brings a new approach to fitting and delivers precise vision correction with exceptional ergonomic comfort. Crafted with the most sophisticated lens design software in the optical industry, Unity Via is easy to fit and offers patients a truly customized lens. Rather than forcing the eye to adjust to the lens, the new lens designs follow the natural path of the eye for a comfortable fit. 
The award was presented this month at DEL’s headquarters in Hawthorne, NY. Founded in 2007, DEL was the industry’s first fully automated optical laboratory in the U.S. to be 100% dedicated to digital lens processing.
Pictured above at the award ceremony at DEB's Hawthorne location is:
From left: Stuart Kosh (VSP), Vincent Monaghan (DEL), Dave Delle Donne (VSP), Nan Meehan (ABB), Maria Varga (ARC)