AOA Issues Resource for O.D.s' Role in Opioid Crisis

Prescription opioid abuse has reached a dangerous epidemic level in the country, and the American Optometric Association (AOA) has issued clinical recommendations to delineate optometry’s role in mitigating the epidemic.
The AOA Health Policy Institute (HPI) issued brief, titled, "Opioid Crisis—A U.S. Public Health Emergency: Recommendations for Doctors," provides doctors a quick reference to recognize, identify, intervene, and refer individuals who are potentially at risk for opioid abuse or excessive use.
The white paper outlines the medications that are considered opioids and the health risks associated with each. It also outlines the responsibilities of all physicians to prevent overuse and overdose.
“This is an important moment for every doctor in America, and optometry is up to the challenge of doing more to make patients, communities and the country safer and healthier,” notes AOA President Christopher J. Quinn, O.D. “Doctors of optometry are physicians on the front lines of patient care, delivering the highest-quality eye health and vision care, and helping to safeguard overall patient health through the early diagnosis of systemic diseases and life-threatening conditions.”
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About the AOA HPI:
The AOA Health Policy Institute (HPI) is the thought leader in public policy research and analysis focused on eye health and vision care. With its expertise, the AOA HPI develops creative, innovative, and educational resources and tools to inform policymakers, health care professionals, patients, and the public. From data and other evidence, the AOA HPI illuminates the best policies for efficient access to and delivery of comprehensive eye health and vision care.