The Optometric Business Tracker

EB partners with GPN to provide coast-to-coast practice data revealing trends in optical sales + number of exams

Just how deeply has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the number of practice exams + frame, lens, and contact lens sales across the country?

Real-time data from GPN covering over 2,900 practice locations across the U.S., served up in partnership with Eyecare Business, reveals the precipitous tumble.

“Over the last two months, GPN has seen what started as a gradual industry shutdown become nationwide, extending all the way throughout the supply chain,” says GPN President and CEO C. Edward Buffington.

“Now, in mid-April, it appears the market is bottoming out and signs of optimism are showing due to the success of the shelter-in-place orders in many states and the population following strict guidelines for the use of PPE and proper sanitization.”

According to Buffington, GPN’s data suggests certain local markets in specific states are beginning to open, albeit for medical exams only. Those ECPs who have chosen to remain closed are now proactively beginning to prepare their offices to reopen in the weeks to come.

“In all cases, ECPs are focusing on protecting the patients, the doctors, and staff,” says Buffington. “GPN will continue to monitor and be the eyes of the industry as offices reopen—because being informed is the best way for ECPs and industry leaders to make business decisions.”

Industry data provided by GPN:


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