The EB Questionnaire Julia Gogosha

“Bespectacled best” isn’t just the signoff on Julia Gogosha’s emails. It’s truly what she puts forth in the eyewear industry.

Plus, Gogosha is truly optimistic about what lies ahead for the eyewear industry.

“Designers are really digging deep into their DNA,” she says. “Signature details and frames are expressive and varied. We’re in the golden era of eyewear design.”

Here, Gogosha keeps it real with EB’s 10 Qs. —Kerri Ann Raimo

Your most distinct characteristic?

I’d have to say my personal style is pretty singular. Even when I wore a uniform, I didn’t wear it like anyone else.

Your optical heroes?

Gai Gherardi + Barbara McReynolds, for their frame designs, windows, ad campaigns, and stewardship of the next generation; Selima Salaun’s alignment makes for the best branding and natural collaborations and mentorship; Schiaparelli—inspirational costume jewelry of eyewear; Gaspari—the pinnacle of jewelry-esque eyewear; Camille Colaizzo—one of the greatest editing eyes and curators, chance takers, tastemakers; and Dr. Bill Koppin, who taught me the highest levels of humanity in service.

The song playing in the soundtrack to your life?

“Human Behaviour” —Björk

The most valued quality of your friends?

Kindness. Empathy. Real. Vulnerable. Discerning. We’re on the same frequency.

Your most rewarding professional accomplishment?

Building a business bigger than myself. Having the frame-fitting experience be the catalyst for a client to enter all his sartorial choices with greater awareness for self.

Most likely to splurge on?

Amenities that make home more luxurious. A view.

Most treasured eyewear style in your wardrobe?

Cat-eye. I love all versions that love my features in return.

Podcast in your earbuds?

“Call Your Girlfriend.” “SOS With Sonja Rasula.”

Social media app draining your battery?


Best advice for fellow independents?

Make as few compromises to your vision as infrequently as possible.