Trendspotting the Biggest Trends in Sight


Today’s Covid-19 health and economic crisis has many eyecare professionals wondering just when (and how) their business will get back to some semblance of normalcy. In EB’s recent Covid-19 + ECPs Wave #4 Focus Group Study, 75% of ECP respondents said they were expecting a “significant impact” to their business as a result of the pandemic, and another 21% expect “some impact.”

When asked for their best guess on when their business might experience a 50% rebound, 19% said June 1, 18% said July 1, 25% said August 1, and another 7% indicated September 1. Still, 17% said that it is too soon to tell.

Asked the same question for a 100% rebound in business, 37% expect that to happen some time this year while 27% are aiming for 2021—and 29% says it’s also too soon to tell.

One thing is certain: ECPs agree that they want a new way to purchase products in the face of Covid-19 and beyond. When asked for top preferred methods for vendor contact, a full 68% of ECPs said they desire online purchasing options, and 44% would like virtual rep visits today.




After testing more than 100 anti-fog solutions, Denver-based Sports Optical recently shared a video of its fav—Clarity Defog It—in action. It’s a welcome solution to prevent the inevitable lens fogging while wearing a mask. According to the Sports Optical crew, which sells the product in store as well as on their Tactical Rx website, one drop on each lens lasts a few cleanings, and each bottle delivers up to 100 applications. Check out their in-action product demo here: . Another EB-fav anti-fog solution for the convenience factor is OptiPlus+ Anti-Fog Lens Wipes from Hilco Vision—learn more on page 34. —KERRI ANN RAIMO


Bridgitte Shen Lee, O.D., tapped fellow Houston-based small business owner David Peck by requesting that the apparel designer create an optical-themed sub-collection of his new coronavirus mask assortment. The Eye Doctor Collection is designed with ECPs in mind with colorful, industry-specific prints. Other prints include plaids, florals, and more. Available for bulk order.


As patients begin to revisit local businesses—including your practice—offering convenient and timely accessories and add-ons helps show your commitment. One bright idea?

Le Kevin’s luxury spectacle holders (MSRP: $50) can be branded with your business name to promote both your shop and specs offerings simultaneously. The unisex designs feature handcrafted leathers with croc, lizard, and ostrich prints in a kaleidoscope of colors.


When the Covid-19 outbreak began, Hangzhou, China-based startup Rokid engineered a key upgrade to its augmented reality glasses. Incorporating infrared thermal camera fever screening, the company’s T1 glasses now allow wearers to see the body temperature of multiple people in real time. -K.A.R.