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The EB Questionnaire Bridgitte Shen Lee, O.D., FBCLA, FAAO

Bridgitte Shen Lee, O.D., FBCLA, FAAO, is making sure that her practice, Vision Optique in Houston, TX, is taking a progressive stance amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

After a six-week closure, Vision Optique reopened its doors on May 1—and Dr. Shen Lee shared her reopening action plan in our May issue, here.

From advice on launching e-commerce to her go-to for a mental break, Dr. Shen Lee answers our seven timely questions, here. —Kerri Ann Raimo

Best source of inspiration?

Remember who you are and what usually inspires you.

Best activity to find calm?

I keep my morning and evening self-care routine while listening to my new 2020 playlist. Reading, taking an evening walk while chatting with friends, and playing Candy Crush are some of the activities that help me relax.

The quality you most value in your family?

I’ve raised my daughters to be confident and independent. We enjoy having fun together, whether it’s travel or playing mahjong.

Most rewarding professional accomplishment?

In 2019, 21 years after graduating from University of Houston College of Optometry (Class of 1998), I earned both the Fellowship of the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO) and the Fellowship of the British Contact Lens Association (FBCLA). Learning never stops!

Go-to office sanitizing product?

Soap, alcohol wipes and spray, diluted Clorox/water spray, eyeglasses disinfection solution, and autoclave. We’re searching for a UV disinfection cabinet.

Best advice for fellow eyecare professionals amid Covid-19?

Build full e-commerce capability and modernize your website; institute new services such as myopia or dry eye management; review and update your current credit card processing and patient financing services; set up HIPAA-compliant telemedicine services. Take care of your spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Top recommendations for peers on reopening?

Give your team a week with one patient per hour to figure out the new routine and protocol, disinfection process, workflow, staff schedule, and special services schedule. If you received PPP funding, study loan forgiveness details and organize the documents needed.


Dr. Shen Lee took EB on a virtual tour of Vision Optique’s Reopening Day. View it here.