Editor’s Letter

Knowledge is Power.

What Do You Need, Now? PPE. N95 masks. New safety protocols. Strict cleaning regimens. Strategies for moving forward profitably. And, information.

In EB’s end-of-June Covid-19 + ECPs Focus Group Study, eyecare professionals told us—in no uncertain terms—what they need, right now. The big message: ECPs need and want information and strategies to survive in a Covid world.

Additionally, 76% of ECPs plan to purchase PPE over the next six months. A full 75% plan to purchase frames and 69% plan to purchase lenses, indicating a return to business. Of course, the majority of readers say they also need information on dialing in new protocols and standards for their reopened offices.

This issue of Eyecare Business is packed with critical information and key strategies.

To assist you, our readers, make the best decisions and plans for your business today, we have planned and executed several key, data-rich content features:

» How are ECPs in different regions across the country coping with the Covid-19 crisis? In our crucial, 10-page Recovery, Coast to Coast feature (starting on page 32), we dissect—by U.S. Census Region—the trends and ECP opinions that matter most right now from EB’s exclusive 2020 Annual Regional Report.

» In our Reopening Refresh feature (starting on page 28), Houston optometrist Bridgitte Shen Lee, O.D., FBCLA, FAAO—who is skilled in reopening protocols—provides a from-the-field update on newly adjusted procedures, PLUS five bonus ideas for new revenue sources much needed today.

» EB’s Optometric Business Tracker, served up in partnership with GPN, provides coast-to-coast practice data revealing a solid trend of recovery in sales + exams. Get the good news on page 12, and follow our weekly Optometric Business Tracker industry updates here.

We hope you gain some actionable insights from this issue of Eyecare Business—we aim to support you and your business in this critical time.

In this issue we feature what matters most, right now, including critical business intel + trends for surviving a Covid world. Photo: Jurgen Reisch. Model: Milan Dixon, Photogenics. Frame: Valentino VA4046 from Luxottica, an Rx-able sunglass style with sun lenses removed, styled by optician Julia Gogosha of Gogosha Optique.


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Warmest Regards,

Erinn Morgan,
Editor-in-Chief + Editorial Director