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Accelerated Recovery

Expanding its Next GEN Offer, Essilor will continue to allow the popular buy one, get one on premium Essilor lenses. Now, customers will receive a $50 rebate when they combine those Essilor lenses with a pair of branded frames from Luxottica’s portfolio.


Combining both anti-fog and anti-reflective coatings, FEA Industries has launched Fog-Off anti-reflective coating, powered by Schneider anti-fog technology.

Premium Performance

GSRx expanded its epik lens portfolio with the addition of TriBrid, a monomer of PPG Industries. The performance material combines optical clarity with up to five times the strength of other high-index materials in a thin lens.

Better Together

Shamir’s new Better Together Package, a partnership with frame distributors and labs, aims to help ECPs generate business as they reopen.

PPE Ready

VSP Global is offering its protective face shields free of charge to its network eye doctors.


Spark Mi Up + Glacier Anti-Fog

Shamir is debuting two new offerings to assist ECPs and patients in today’s world. To assist face mask wearers who also wear glasses, Shamir has debuted Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog with Duplex Technology, a new lens coating that permanently prevents the buildup of vapor on lenses, according to Shamir.

The launch’s pilot phase initially provided the technology for first responders and health care professionals wearing PPE, masks, and face shields. Glacier Anti-Fog is set to be released in early July for eyecare professionals to offer to the public ( ).

Additionally, Shamir’s new Spark Mi Up touchless measuring device allows ECPs to take accurate measurements at a safe distance. As the client looks in the mirror device with their chosen glasses, the ECP uses the one-click method to capture the patient’s automatically measured PD.


Super HiVision EX3 + AR Treatment

Hoya Vision Care announced the U.S. launch of Super HiVision EX3+ anti-reflective treatment, now with complete back-side UV protection, according to Hoya.

“From our recent consumer study, we learned that patients have an expectation that UV protection is a part of their AR treatment,” says Nick LaManna, global lens product manager, N.A. “Meeting this need helps protect the sensitive skin around the eye and the lids.”

Super HiVision EX3+ will have the same materials and designs availability as Super HiVision EX3, and it will be an option through major vision plans.


Antibacterial AR Coatings

VSP Optics has launched TechShield anti-reflective coatings with antibacterial technology certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The launch marks the first AR coatings for ophthalmic lenses in the U.S. with antibacterial technology certified by the ISO.

According to VSP, the new line offers solid “visual performance and cosmetic appearance, improved scratch and smudge resistance, greater cleanability, defense against blue light and UV with TechShield Blue Anti-Bacterial, and optional UV defense with TechShield Elite AB, TechShield Plus AB, and TechShield AB.”

The coatings are available on all lens designs and materials unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.


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