The KonMari optometrist kicks off EB’s 2020 Workload Hacks series with three simple steps

What sparks joy in your practice?

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to refocus on the things you find most important, like having a Zen-like space in which to work.

I am excited to have the opportunity to teach you how to create a more joyful—and less stressful, cluttered, and inefficient—space and an efficient, effective business mindset in your practice over the coming year. I am Lena Walker, O.D., a private practice optometrist and certified KonMari consultant.

In each issue, I will share how you can apply Marie Kondo’s renowned KonMari Method.

After reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” I used this tidying method in my home in Portland, OR. Like so many busy professionals, I desperately needed to organize my home and take control over my overscheduled days. By following the book’s recommendations, I noticed a remarkable shift in my ability to determine what was important in my life. Not only did I have a tidy home, but I also had a laserlike focused perspective on work and relationships.

Soon after, I decided to remodel one of my optometry practices. During the design phase, we employed the KonMari Method by enhancing patient and staff flow through the office and creating more efficient storage areas.

We are so proud every time a patient walks in, notices the new calm, beautiful space, and says, “Wow!” The modern, streamlined design of the office creates a welcoming space in which my staff enjoys working and the patients enjoy shopping for eyewear. We are now happily planning for the renovation of our second location.

I later decided to complete my consultant certification so I could help guide others through the process in their homes and workspaces. It brings me joy to help people discover the magic of tidying.

Now I am pleased to share that Marie Kondo’s newest book, “Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life,” will be released in April 2020. By applying the renowned KonMari Method at work, you will enjoy a more Zen-like mindset and approach to doing business plus the joy and happiness that follows the tidying of your optical, desk, mailbox, and especially your mind. You can create a peaceful and welcoming space that both you and your doctors and staff, as well as your patients, enjoy.


  1. Focus Your Tote. Completely empty your work tote or briefcase. Discard any items that do not spark joy and keep the items that do. Organize the remaining items in smaller pouches. TIP: Reuse the zip-top plastic bags from eyewear.
  2. Declutter Your Desk Drawers. Discard items that no longer spark joy, and organize the rest by category within boxes. TIP: Repurpose smaller eyewear boxes.
  3. Box Up the Holiday. Remove the holiday decor and cards from the office. Store only the items that will definitely be used next year. Donate the remaining items to charity.