The EB Questionnaire Todd Rogers


Todd Rogers Berberian commits to the turn.

Not just his mantra on the ski slopes—it’s the motto he’s instilled in his company, Todd Rogers Eyewear. “Don’t subscribe to the old rules of the eyewear industry,” Rogers says. “Write your own script, be your own brand, defy the conventions that don’t gel with your model.”

And it’s paid off. Rogers was named the 2017 Optician of the Year by the Opticians Association of Massachusetts, and his Todd Rogers Eyewear flagship store in Andover, MA, which sells both Todd Rogers product as well as an extensive collection of independent brands, received the 2018 OPTImum Retailer of the Year award.

Here, EB poses 10 personal Q’s.

—Kerri Ann Raimo

Your most distinct characteristic?

I went prematurely gray at a young age, so it’s really hard to tell how old or young I am as a result. Salt-and-pepper beards are trending right now, which is so funny to me—but, hey, I’ll ride the wave!

Your optical heroes?

Giorgio Armani, Larry Leight, Christian Roth & Eric Domege, Blake Kuwahara, Harry Potter.

The song playing in the soundtrack to your life?

“Because I’m Me”
–The Avalanches

The most valued quality of your friends?

Loyalty, and the ability to not kill me each time I am chronically late for their events.

Your most rewarding professional accomplishment?

The day my eldest son, Jackson, was on the playground with a new friend, and that kid was wearing one of my children’s frames.

Most likely to splurge on?

Shoto leather boots, Panerai watches, good, peaty Scotch, and five-star boutique hotels with my wife.

Most treasured eyewear style in your wardrobe?

Anything that fits my Armenian/Scottish bridge.

Podcast in your earbuds?

“Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl (it’s actually an audiobook, in case anyone is searching).

Social media app draining your battery?

Instagram. I have three separate accounts—see if you can find them all!

Best advice for fellow independents?


If you’re going to do something, throw your whole self into it…lean into the curve and believe in the outcome you envision.