How Can We All #DoMore?

New OWA President Robyn Crimmins shares her vision of giving back

Robyn Crimmins

How far we’ve come...from a handful of women meeting in a hotel room 22+ years ago to today’s Optical Women’s Association (OWA) events in ballrooms and meeting venues around the country. Despite the OWA’s explosive expansion, the founding principles and commitment to giving back remain at its core.

To find out what that commitment looks like today and what its #DoMore message means to members, we caught up with OWA President Robyn Crimmins, who is also division vice president, VSP Optics.

This column is a special collaboration between the OWA and Eyecare Business. Its focus? Sharing the ways women in this industry #DoMore and give back—in their community, in the industry, or via their own company—in the hopes of inspiring more #DoMore efforts across the country and around the globe. Learn more at .

How would you describe the importance of the #DoMore message?

I truly believe that thoughtful engagement in the communities we live in is one of the most important ways we can give back. Whether it’s at work, in your neighborhood, a school or a church, we all have the capacity to give.

#DoMore coalesces that message and is proof positive that each of us has the power to support the greater good. When we take just a moment to encourage and lift others, we enrich the experience of those around us while also creating the space to be more present for our own friends and families.

I hope we can all find the courage to answer that call to action in every aspect of our careers and lives.

What is your own #DoMore?

My current #DoMore is as president of the OWA. I am, above all, humbled to lead such a fantastic organization, but also incredibly passionate about its mission to promote and enhance empowerment and leadership for women in the industry.

I want every young woman to know she has the opportunity to succeed and flourish in her chosen profession. I hope to motivate other women to seek out and seize opportunities.

What recommendations can you offer for others to carry the message into the workplace?

We can all take a moment to make a personal connection with someone. Sometimes the creation of a future leader starts with just one person letting you know they believe in you and you have what it takes.

At a time when everyone is feeling overscheduled, what advice do you have for finding time to give back?

Every person’s #DoMore is so personal. My advice is to give what you can in the way you can and find what works for you.

For me, that can mean making a phone call, sending a text, writing a note, or going to lunch. Oftentimes, the most meaningful gesture will only take a moment; what seems like a minute to you could impact another person for a lifetime. —STEPH DE LONG, FOUNDING OWA BOARD MEMBER