COVID-19, in Focus

At press time on March 18, 2020, as I write this editorial, the world is grinding to a standstill in an attempt to limit the physical effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the population of the U.S. and the world. Millions of people are “sheltering in place,” millions more are practicing “social distancing,” hand sanitizer stocks have been obliterated, and grocery store shelves have been emptied.

“…you are doing a good job of appealing to [doctors] and opticians alike. You are now the ‘thinking person’s’ publication.”

—U.S. eyecare professional response from EB’s recent January/February 2020 Signet Study

In our own optical universe, Vision Expo East in New York was shifted to Vision Expo West and MIDO was postponed to July, unprecedented acts in the history of these great trade shows. Optometrists are now practicing remote telehealth and even consulting with patients via Skype and FaceTime. Last night, I sat in on a highly informative American Optometric Association (AOA) webinar on the topic—thanks to AOA efforts, optometrists are fully recognized as physicians in the nation’s COVID-19 mobilization now underway. Learn more at .

From myself and our entire team, our deepest thoughts go out to all those affected by this pandemic—from our readers across the country whose businesses and families have been affected to our friends and partners in the U.S. and in Italy where eyewear factories have been shuttered, people have been relegated to their homes, and borders have been closed.

We are with you. We are here to help support you and your business, in good times and in bad. That is our reason for being—and our pure passion.

Nearly 19 years ago I stood on the street in front of my apartment building at the corner of Greenwich and Charles streets in Manhattan’s West Village and watched the World Trade Center towers collapse to the ground. Unthinkable. In an instant, life was changed for people and businesses.

But, we persevered, picked ourselves up, and continued striving to excel at the things we are passionate about.

I have no doubt that whatever the near future holds for the world and for our unique industry, we will also do the same, once again.

In search of some business inspiration in these uncertain times? This issue is jam-packed with critical ideas, from 5 tips for launching a sports vision + sports eyewear practice and intriguing sports product trends to workplace hacks to zen your optical space.

Warmest Regards,

Erinn Morgan,
Editor-in-Chief + Editorial Director