EB Exclusive Interview: ZEISS and IDOC Form Partnership

IDOCZEISS Vision Care US, and ZEISS Medical Technology have announced a five-year agreement to bring ZEISS’ industry-leading lab services, lens products, and medical equipment to all 3,000+ IDOC independent optometrists across the U.S. The latest innovations from ZEISS, including ZEISS UVProtect Technology, ZEISS DriveSafe lenses, ZEISS CLARUS 700, ZEISS CIRRUS HD-OCT and more, are now available to all IDOC practices via new partnership programs.
“This new partnership with a recognized technology leader in optics is exactly what our members need to strengthen independent practices,” says Dave Brown, president and CEO of IDOC. “We’ve heard from our members that they want a lens and equipment partner as independent as they are, and with an unmatched track record of innovation. ZEISS is unique in the industry with its 170+ years legacy of industry firsts.”
Here, EB sits down with ZEISS Vision Care U.S. President Jens Boy to learn more.
EB: How are the new ZEISS x IDOC programs structured?
Jens Boy: The two agreements came together at the same time—the medical technology side and the vision side—they are still two separate legal entities. For the IDOC members, we are able now to bring the full power of ZEISS as a global organization.
The programs have broad-based offerings, and if the member chooses to commit more of their purchases to ZEISS, then there are different tiers.
EB: What unique business challenges face the industry today?
JB: The way we look at this industry right now overall, IDOC and ZEISS are very much committed to a competitive industry that is not dominated by one player. Both organizations fiercely protect the independent.
EB: How does ZEISS serve the independent ECP?
JB: We don't compete with our partners, we don't own retailers or online stores—this is fundamental to ZEISS in everything from the semi-conductor space to the metrology space. In all these areas we enable our partners to be the best they can be by supplying the tools they need—and we never become a competitor to them.
According to IDOC, the optometric alliance offers a suite of programs and services that empower its members to grow and succeed. Additionally, it says that the partnership with ZEISS aligns with IDOC’s long-term strategy of “bringing high-quality offerings to its independent optometrist members.”