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GEN 8 Availability

Hoya Vision Care announces the addition of Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses to its lineup of light-reactive lenses. They are available through any Hoya lab.


Maui Jim is now available within the VSP Formulary and is included in the VSP contract lab network. ECPs have a more streamlined way of placing Maui Jim orders for their VSP patients, utilizing easier claim submissions and integrated practice management software.

Award Winner

Coburn Technologies’ Velocity Spin Coater has been named “Best Value Enhancer (Lab)” by the CiO VisionPlus Awards. The automated hard coating system transports lenses through a multistage cleaning system, coating, and curing, and finally returns the lens to the job tray.

New Website

Transitions Optical’s refreshed Transitions PRO website provides dedicated resources for ECPs. In addition to product information and dispensing tools, it features peer insights and stories of retail successes. Users can also request a Signature GEN 8 launch kit through the site.


SunSync Elite XT

VSP Optics follows up on the super-fast fade-back speed of its SunSync Elite photochromic lenses with SunSync Elite XT—an extra-active photochromic lens that, according to the company, changes from extra dark to clear faster than others in the category (120 seconds in poly at 73°).

In addition to featuring the notable fade-back speed and darker outdoor color, SunSync Elite XT features indoor clarity, 100% UV protection, blue light filtration, glare reduction, durability, and a one-year 100% satisfaction guarantee for VSP members.


EVOlens System

IOT offers this patented decision system to help ECPs choose the best progressive lens design for each patient. Accessible by ECPs through their participating lab’s website, the EVOlens system utilizes machine learning to analyze many data points—including continuously gathered feedback from wearers—to adjust not only lens selection but also lens designs over time.

Additionally, EVOlens provides a systematic approach to tracking and reducing patient rejections and can also be utilized as a digital marketing tool.


PRECISION1 Daily Disposables

Alcon’s newest contact lens is a silicone hydrogel daily disposable featuring the company’s SmartSurface technology—a permanent, microthin, high-performance layer of moisture at the lens surface that helps support a stable tear film for enhanced visual performance all day. According to Alcon, PRECISION1 was designed to address the common reasons why 1 in 5 new wearers discontinue contact lens wear within the first year: poor vision, poor comfort, and handling issues. It is now available to select ECPs, with a wider release scheduled for early 2020.


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